Nice Day for a Sail

I have been wanting to get out on the water for weeks now but either work or the weather would not allow it. I did get my boat out this past weekend, though. I should have been at work, dealing with yet another account, but I chose not to. The account will be there on Monday. The good weather would not.

The wind was reported to be around 10 knots, the sky was forecasted to be clear and sunny. As soon as I heard the report, I knew that I would not be making an appearance at work. It was a good choice.

I took Nordic Breeze out on the water when there was still relatively nobody out on the water. It was so quiet and peaceful. I turned my phone to silent and just listened to the wind and the water lapping at the hull. I found a nice spot to sit for a bit and had a snack. It was so nice to be out there with no computer and no phone. All I had to do was pay attention to the weather and my boat. I brought a book with me and sat up top to read it and enjoy the day without being disturbed.

After a few hours, I started to get hungry again so I had some lunch. I sailed around a little bit after that to find a less crowded location—I had gained some neighbors as I was reading. I probably would have moved anyway. The wind was good and it gave me something to do. Sometimes I find myself just wanting to go through the mechanics of sailing whether I am settled or not.

I found another great location to settle and so that is what I did. It was closer to the shore so my internet connection was working again. I checked my phone and there were a few emails from work. I decided that I would wait until the next day to answer them since none were really urgent. I had a text from my wife to remind me to reapply my sunscreen, so I did that. She knows me so well and knew I would start to burn right about that time. I had another sandwich and some salad for dinner and got back to the dock just as the sun was setting. I would have liked to stay out on the water to see the sun go down but I had to be back home for a movie date with my wife.

The weather turned overnight. It got very overcast and humid, with almost no breeze. There was some lightning. I know because I saw it from the window at my office. I was so glad that I had gotten out on the boat the day before instead.