Ideal Sailing Vacation

I would like to sail around the world one day. I do not know when work will slow down long enough for me to take the time off, and honestly, I am a little afraid for work to slow down because things picking back up is not guaranteed. That means I am not just going to take the time off right now. Instead, I end up sitting in front of my computer at night and charting shorter excursions that I may actually be able to take. Mostly I run the ideas by my wife. I have gotten her interested in a few and I would like for her to come with me. I hope that maybe next spring we will be able to go.

If I could, here is a sample itinerary of what I would do. First, I would book a flight and rent a boat at my destination—the Virgin Islands. As much as I love Nordic Breeze, I would not sail her down to the Caribbean right now. It takes time that I probably do not have at this point and the weather getting down there can be tricky. Rather than take all that time and risk,I can make life easier, and my wife more agreeable, by flying down and renting a boat. For a short trip, I am all about maximizing vacation time. The plan would be to land in St. Thomas a day earlier so that my wife could do some shopping. We would stay at a nice hotel. Maybe I could play some golf and she could have a spa day. It would just be a day to relax for both of us. The second day, I would like to get on the boat and head over to Lovango Cay. My wife loves pelicans and I have heard that you can see many of them feeding there. It would start the trip off on a high note and be something very special for her. Next, I would take us to Carvel Rock for some scuba diving. I would love to see all the coral and maybe swim with the tarpon. If we haven’t gotten tired of swimming, my plan for the next day would be to make a stop at Whistling Cay to try our hand at snorkeling. We could spend the night there as well. Then I would like to spend some time at the beautiful Maho Bay.It sounds like the perfect spot for a romantic picnic on the beach.

I know that the trip isn’t quite a sail around the world but it would be fun for a little while. As long as I throw in plenty of breaks for my wife, I am sure that she will have a great time. Maybe she will get more interested in sailing also. That would be a great thing. Then maybe after we retire, I can convince her to sell the house and live on a nice boat!