Boat Show!

Mention the word “sailing” and I immediately have relaxing images of picturesque white boats, scuttering white clouds across an azure sky, and pristine water as clear as glass. I have a few water craft of my own so I know of what I speak (or, I should say write). I can go on for pages about the joys of sailing. I could do it every day. I work hard, and calm water breeds a calm inner soul. There is also nothing as invigorating as a gentle breeze as you sip your beverage of choice and eat a gourmet lunch. I am lucky my wife likes to pack the best food when I am on the water. The entire experience becomes perfection.

I can be found at many a boat show so I don’t miss out on the latest news in the marine world. They exhibit all kinds of boats in various sizes and prices. You can picture yourself in them, which helps you to make the right choice. I am good for now but I love discussing sailing with all the fellow travelers that populate these expos. I was fascinated at one show to find a booth where a man who builds his own boats was demonstrating using a sawhorse for woodworking, and he called the booth Woodwork Nation. He had photos of the tool in action but also had some sample scraps of wood strewn about. The band saw is not new to me, but I enjoyed his description of unique boat-making techniques. He talked about using the rip fence or miter guide to align a work piece for cutting and how easy it was to accomplish good results. His saw had an adjustable LED work light so it could shine right where the light is needed to keep the cut line clearly visible. It featured easy view blade tracking so you always know when the blade is properly aligned for smooth cuts. The blade of course can be changed according to your project. I liked the dust port that helps keep the work area clean. I was also impressed by the bump off switch as I value every safety measure taken. I would want a similar two-speed motor that enables the user to cut wood and metal materials alike.

I gained some valuable knowledge that day at the boat show. I love being in my favorite realm. Each show has unique exhibits and information. I know local places near my home to sail, but there are so many more opportunities within a day’s drive. The photos beckon from afar. Yes, I would like to be more adventurous and will try to do so as time permits. Meanwhile, I post my own photos on Instagram and Facebook in the hope of encouraging friends and family to join me. I could write an ode to the sea life. I found my heart’s desire when I was young and was introduced to sailing by a friend in school. It is now a lifelong endeavor.