Another Relaxing Day on the Water

The best way to tackle stress in life is by sailing as often as possible. Getting outside and inhaling fresh air is as therapeutic as it can get. I know from experience how beneficial a day relaxing on the water can be. While I love a sunny, breezy day, I will take a cloudy one as well. Too much wind is a deterrent. The sea can be smooth and crystal blue or agitated as seen in the white caps on the rolling waves. It is such fun that I can go solo or take a friend or two to help out as temporary crew. The camaraderie can’t be beat. The guys love to learn the ropes, pun intended, and to participate in an exciting outdoor sport that few of them have experienced before. They come attired in a tank top and shorts in order to get some welcome rays of sun and hopefully a tan. I ask them to wear boat shoes to ensure their safety, but often someone comes aboard sporting a pair of indoor soccer shoes. These are not the kind with cleats, of course, which are strictly for grass. Indoor shoes are rubber-soled, like boat shoes, and make a great practical substitution except that they look a bit more athletic. Authentic deck footwear has a look all its own. But no one is going to buy special boat shoes for a sailing day with me.

I am not surprised that people have soccer shoes these days given the popularity of the sport. Their kids play it and they are called upon to be a coach from time to time, inside and out. I took a closer look at these colorful lace up babies and ended up on @Top_Corner_Mag‘s Twitter account. They said that the shoes are fabricated from some kind of rubbery-looking artificial material that has a mesh texture, especially on the high-use area of the ball of the foot. I am told this makes for better ball control. Wow! Now this wearer wants boat control. I suppose it works. I see that they are cushioned and that the outsole is designed for traction on court and indoor surfaces. We will now add boat decks to the list.

The soccer shoes are quiet as mice and the soft sole doesn’t damage the polished wood deck. I value the pristine appearance of my Nordic Mast. But my preference is the traditional loafer with top stitching and highly visible lacing that ties in a bow. I love the luggage leather brown color as opposed to the soccer neon brights. You can wear these shoes out socially with khakis and a polo shirt. The soccer version is a bit too much for non-athletic occasions. It looks like you want to show off that you play or how cool you are. With the boat shoe, there is that neat kicker at the back of the heel that keeps the shoe in proper shape. This is important in a leather shoe and not something that is of concern with the soccer model.