Vacuum for the Boats

Poets write about sailing with lyrical rhyming words that describe the most incredible experiences.

Drifting silently beneath whipping sails
We cruise toward the horizon that beckons
Caught in nature’s vortex we spot immense whales
There for our pleasure I reckon.


After a big bash on the boat, I have to tell you that it gets pretty dirty. Beer cans and water bottles are strewn about. Fortunately, there are no ants to eat the leftovers. While I might hire someone to do the cleanup job – it takes hours of sloshing soapy suds on the sleek wooden deck – I don’t mind vacuuming down below with my trusty canister machine. I tried an upright long ago and it was unwieldy. I hated crashing it about the small lower space. It often hit the beautiful wood cabinets that I had built in. I have souvenir dents that tell the tale. I am more careful now and the canister is much lighter and smaller. I could do it by hand bending down on my knees, but I am getting a little creaky for that.

Most of my friends and fellow sailors are willing to help out and I reciprocate the favor. We believe in getting right to it with no procrastination. Then there is time to relax with a beer. (Why is boating associated with beer all the time?) After a good vacuuming, soaping, and counter top polishing, the vessel is like new. I love it this way and hesitate to destroy the harmony with a large gathering of people. No matter. It is part of the enjoyment of owning a boat. There is nothing like a sailboat by Catalina. Owning one in any size is a great reward. It will be your prized possession. If $100,000 is beyond your means, you can buy used boats in great condition. Be sure to inspect it carefully first. If you spot a canister vacuum, you know it has been well taken care of.

Sometimes, I feel that boating, whether the ocean or a lake, is beyond description. Nevertheless, while not a poet, I try to convey some of the magic in this blog. When I am at a loss for words, I like to give practical advice about selecting the right boat, maintaining it properly, buying the best marine insurance, and where to go for day or overnight trips. I have had parties on the Nordic Breeze and served amazing food for a gourmet treat while we sip wine and watch the sunset.

Boating is for people who love adventure and excitement. It is strictly for those willing to work and who also love relaxing on a calm, inky sea (is that poetic enough, my friends?). If you are near islands, they provides distant vistas that accompany you in your voyage to open water. Any land or coast line will do. You are tempted to stop and sit on the sand, but fear that the landing will be cruel.